Home Renovation Disaster Fixed by FixMe NY


Choose your Home Renovation contractor wisely

When you envision a full home renovation project you are inherently optimistic. You know that you’re going to get a brand new living space. It may take longer than you expect, but you bear through all of the additional expenses with high hopes that the end result will be worth it.

What happens when the end result is an absolute disaster. The contractor you entrusted leaves the project incomplete and the workmanship is low-quality. Then, he takes all the money for your renovation?


Contractor was over budget and behind deadlines

Steve and Mike are a pair of hard working physically disabled twins. Their vision is a brand new apartment with a brand start. They live on the third floor in a one-bedroom apartment of a building with no elevator. The twins never imaged that they would be among the many in New York City with a disaster renovation.

“I can’t believe this happened to us. The contractor was a friend of our family and he said he can et the job done. Finally, we decided to hire him,” said Steve. “We had the opportunity to purchase a recently vacated apartment on the first floor. So, we gathered our savings and bought the condo. Our plan was to renovate it and bring it up to code to meet our special needs. Unfortunately, the experience with this contractor was a complete nightmare”

The renovation should have taken only two months. Instead, it took nearly ten months and cost nearly double to redo the whole apartment. It was increasingly behind deadlines and way over budget. They were paying an additional mortgage while the renovation continued. This added to more stress for the family.

Choosing and working with another contractor

They decided to reach out for help and entrusted Christian V. He runs a home renovation company called FixMe Inc., based out in Queens New York. What Steve and Mike found appealing about FixMe is that they only work with highly qualified contractors. FixMe thoroughly vets contractors to ensure they are skilled, properly licensed, and insured. They also provide oversight of the project to make sure it gets done right.

“I have known Steve and Mike for many years. When they reached out to me for help I immediately went to see the renovation in progress,” says FixMe co-owner, Christian. “Walking inside was as if I was walking into an apartment that needed a re-renovation. There was nothing new about the place. There was a heavy stench of varnish with sand residue glued to the wooden floors. The new kitchen floor tiles looked old due to careless craftsmanship with the grout, and the bathroom was just a nightmare. It wasn’t even fully ADA-compliant. I can go on and on, but ultimately I was deeply saddened and angered. The twins already paid someone twice the proposed amount, and the job they did was atrocious.”

The family had very little money left to do another renovation so Christian and his team took that into consideration. They worked diligently to budget for what was salvageable and critical such as purchasing new material.

“We prefer to do work from scratch but we have come across a lot of rescue renovation jobs because there are so many bad contractors,” says Christian. “It’s unfortunate because we typically find so many problems and that becomes a higher cost to the homeowners.”


The family finally gets the home renovation they were looking for

Christian and the FixMe team pride themselves in providing high quality contractors. Their mission is to get home improvement done right the first time. Their aim is to make home improvement simpler and trustworthy.

“Steve, Mike and their family were grateful with the final renovation and we were extremely happy to deliver them a home that fits their needs.” Says Christian.

For a free quote on your next home renovation project, feel free to contact the FixMe team at info@fixmeny.com or visit their website at www.fixmeny.com.

Also, please feel free to check out some of FixMe NY projects @ www.fixmeny.com/our-projects.


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