Frequently Asked Questions


FixMe allows a contractor to obtain additional jobs for their business. There is no charge unless your job is accepted and completed.

To sign up with FixMe you must show that you have an active business and are registered with the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs. Also, please provide a copy of your NYS Workers Comp Insurance Policy and a copy of your general liability insurance. Without these documents, you cannot register for the FixMe platform. We can assist you in obtaining these documents if needed.

Yes — if you wish to stop working with FixMe, you can send an email or message to us stating so and we will close your account, as long as there are no outstanding issues with your account or jobs.

Our vetting process can take around a week to complete. There are multiple steps and documents required to fully vet you as a FixMe certified contractor.

FixMe vets contractors in order to protect the consumer from unlicensed and uninsured contractors who could harm or cause.

FixMe works with and provides jobs for all types of contractors.

FixMe currently charges professionals a 10% commission which is payable upon signing a work contract with a homeowner.

You provide the homeowner with your estimate and they will make the final decision to move forward or not. Nothing is finalized until a contract is signed between you and the homeowner.


FixMe is a service that connects a property owner to a top rated and FixMe approved professional to complete any construction projects or home improvement jobs.

We are currently focusing on jobs that cost above $1,000. Fill out the I’m a Homeowner form to get started.

FixMe will be with you from the moment you submit your job request until its end — unlike our competitors.

Although FixMe is a new company, the founders and partners of the company have over 50 years of experience in the construction and home improvement industry.

FixMe currently services all five boroughs of NYC, Nassau County, and Suffolk County.

FixMe Professionals can assist you with all types of home improvement and construction projects.

Once you submit a job request through FixMe, our systems will reach out to approved contractors that specialize in that type of work. From there you will be provided with offer(s) for you to decide upon.

By using the FixMe service you agree to use FixMe certified professionals to begin and complete the job.

Yes, unlike our competitors we are here to help you complete the job. By using FixMe you are guaranteed that the job you requested will be completed or FixMe will make it right.

Each of FixMe’s contractors are thoroughly vetted to make sure that the homeowner is getting a top rated and professional contractor to complete the job right the first time.

With ratings a property owner will be able to better evaluate potential professionals and decide if they are the right person for the job.

You will have the chance to submit a ratings survey after the job has been completed by the professional.

Once a job begins, unless otherwise noted in the contract or mutually agreed upon by both parties, you are not able to cancel a contract.

Contact FixMe immediately if you experience any issues with the job or professional. FixMe will immediately investigate on your behalf and take action if necessary.

FixMe professionals are required to submit documentation proving their existence, that they are properly licensed in their jurisdiction and are properly insured for each job. Additionally, we require that contractors submit previous work examples of jobs they have taken in the past to display on their profile.

FixMe’s service is free for property owners to use.

FixMe professionals are charged a fee for each job they receive through our service.

FixMe will assist you by giving you pricing information on similar jobs to aid in your negotiation with the professional.