Roof Renovation – Randy H

Client Name: Randy H
Location: New Hyde Park, Queens, NY
Project Type: Perform a complete renovation of an existing roof
 Scope of Project: Remove all the old shingles from the roof. Tarp and cover sides of the home to prevent any damage from debris. Dispose of all the shingles, waste and material from the old roof. Apply a coating to the roof and install new shingles. Fix gutters and powerwash the roof to perfection.

Project Duration: 3 Days

Client Feedback: The client was extremely pleased with the results and how quick the project took the complete. Randy had addressed his concern with his homeowner insurance policy being at risk of cancellation if the roof was not replaced. The FixMe team ensured Randy that the project would be delivered with a renovated roof within his time frame to save his policy. He was impressed at how efficient the team worked with removing the old roof without causing any mess or debris to be left. Randy thanked the group for providing his home with a brand new roof that uses a better type of material that will ensure longevity and sustainability. Randy had expressed interest in working with the FixMe team next year to renovate his driveway and basement.