Door & Gate Installation – Mercedes S

Client Name: Mercedes S
Location: Canarsie, Brooklyn, NY
Project Type: Door and Gate Installation
 Scope of Project: Remove and install custom metal doors for the front and basement of the house. Build custom metal gate and post for the front of the home. Build custom framing for the door
Project Duration: 8 Days

Client Feedback: Client was pleased with the end result of the work and how smoothly the project went. Mercedes had expressed caution to the FixMe team about working with contractors due to her experience in the past. She was happy that the FixMe team restored her faith in the contractors and the Home Improvement Industry. Mercedes stated, “A service like ours is needed especially for the elderly and disabled people who contractors tend to rip off.” Mercedes expressed interest in using the FixMe team in the future to create a wheelchair friendly ramp and lift in the front and side of her house for her disabled husband.